APE now has ZX14 cylinder studs in stock. These studs feature heat treated 8740 steel, and come complete with high tensile 12 pt. nuts.

Part# CSZX14 .

Heavy duty cylinder studs are necessary to prevent head gasket leakage in high compression and turbocharged engines. Stock studs are made from poor material that will stretch and allow gasket leakage.

APE studs are made from heat treated chrome moly, centerless ground, and have rolled threads after heat treat for maximum strength.

APE originated heavy duty studs for performance motorcycles and today is recognized as the industry's leading manufacturer. We supply studs to all of the top engine builders

No matter whose parts you have in your engine, join the top names in racing and insist on APE studs to hold it all together.

For installation and torque specs, visit here.

ZX11, ZRX11, ZRX12, ZZR1200 CS1100K (requires CHN1100K nuts below) $89.96
ZX12 CS1200K(Nuts included) $129.00 (order this product online!)
ZX10 (2004 and later) CSZX10 (Use stock washers, CHN10125-10 nuts below) $89.95
ZX10 (2004 and later) Main Bearing stud kit MBSZX10 (Nuts included)** $89.95

**The 10 mm main bearing holes in the lower case are slightly miss matched from the factory. It is necessary to run a 10 mm reamer (not a drill) thru the holes from the inside out as shown.

Stud Installation Tool


Required for use with APE cylinder stud kit CS1100K

CHN1100K    $67.96 (order this product online!)

CHN10125-10 $56.62 (order this product online!)