This trick part is a simple plug in that vastly improves drivability in the lower gears and on the the later top speed restricted models, the TRE removes the restriction.

How does it work? Your bikes ECU (computer) changes the ignition advance depending on what gear you are in. The best advance for all around drivability is the one in 5th gear. The TRE tricks the ECU into thinking it is in 5th gear all the time. Same for the speed restrictor. The computer kicks in a rev limiter in 6th gear to restrict top speed. Again, with the TRE, the computer never knows it is in 6th gear.

The TRE does not increase horsepower as measured on a dyno. The TRE may violate federal emission controls, and is for "off road" use only!

#TRE006   ZX10R  (Up to 2005)  $99.00
#TRE009   ZX10R (2006-2007) $99.00
#TRE008   ZX14      $99.00